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Walkin’ Back to Georgia

Georgia is one of the fastest-growing states in the US and also becomes a more and more popular tourist destination. Due to its geographic diversity, Georgia attracts various kinds of visitors. And no matter which season, there is always a region in this state with the right offer.

With over 8 million people, Georgia is among the Top Ten most populated US states. Georgia was the 4th state to enter Union ranks in January 1788. The highest point in the state is Brasstown Bald, at 4,784 feet. Geographically, Georgia can be divided into five major regions of which the Coastal Plain is the lowest, followed by the Piedmont, the Blue Ridge, the Valley & Ridge, and finally the Appalachian Plateau. The climate throughout the state is humid and subtropical with moderate to heavy precipitation. The further away from the moderating Atlantic, the colder do the winters get.


Georgia’s capital and largest city welcomes its visitors with a mixed palette of attractions, ranging from great historic sites over excellent art and culture events and facilities to some of the nation’s best sports teams. The Woodruff Arts Center is the largest in the country. This vast complex of venues hosts, among many others, the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, the Atlanta College of Art, and the 14th Street Playhouse, which consists of three major theatres. But not only the fine arts are promoted in Atlanta. Nature’s lovers can visit the new Georgia Aquarium or the Atlanta Botanical Garden. The aquarium is the largest in the world with more than 8 million gallons of water housing a total of more than 100,000 sea animals. For those who still do not have enough, Zoo Atlanta exhibits another 1,000 animal species, including Pandas Lun Lun and Yang Yang.

For Atlanta’s nightlife or shopping, turn to the famed Buckhead area, the shopping mecca of the southeast. Here, you virtually find all brands and shops and some of the largest malls in the US as well as smaller boutiques, stores, restaurants, and bars. Sports fans should either visit one of the local professional sports teams, like the Atlanta Braves at Turner Field, or the Centennial Olympic Park, where the 1996 Olympics were held. The King Center at Ebenezer Baptist Church offers tours about the life and struggles of Martin Luther King, Jr. Stone Mountain Park, a huge monument, commemorates the confederacy. The stone-carved relief on this mountain is a sight to see.


Athens is well-known not only for being the home of the University of Georgia but also for its vibrant culture, most notably its colorful music scene. Countless festivals further enliven the city’s venues throughout the year. The city is located at the foot of the Blue Ridge. The surroundings of the city invite with their natural beauty. The North Oconee River Greenway, Oconee Forest Park, or Sandy Creek Park are only few of many options for recreation. On the college campus but also in the historic downtown area, Athens is full of excitement year-round and has some of the finest dining and nightlife institutions of the state.


One of the oldest settlements in Georgia and once the south’s major slave port, Savannah today offers a blend of old and new. This is manifested for example on River Street, where the old cotton warehouses are now housing restaurants, galleries, and boutiques. The city’s historic district enables visitors to look into the past of the city and the state. But Savannah has more to offer, e.g. the Telfair Museum, the oldest art museum in the south, the First African American Baptist Church or the Old Town Trolley. In Savannah, past meets present.

Georgia Coast

The Georgia shoreline, spanning more than 100 miles, abounds with quiet beaches, historic settlements, African-American heritage sites and a rich habitat. At the Colonial Coast Birding Trail hundreds of bird species can be sighted. The Golden Isles are comprised of St. Simons Island, Sea Island, Little St. Simons Island and Jekyll Island. The region is a major hotspot for summer vacation, offering lots of beach, sun, and fun. The infrastructure is great and in the area one finds some of the finest accommodation in Georgia. The Golden Isles and the surrounding area are an ideal place for a relaxing summer, based in one of the many star hotels, vacation apartments or condos for rent.

The Northeast

The mountain region in the northeast is a vast wilderness retreat on the ascending slopes leading up to the Appalachian mountains. Chattahoochee National Forest is one of the most beautiful natural areas. Here you can find many cottages and vacation homes for a romantic and idyllic getaway from the sorrows of civilization. But there are not only idyllic wilderness settings but also myriads of activities in the region. These include the Chattooga River, where one can go canoeing, rafting, or simply marvel at the stunning waterfalls. Mountain biking and hiking are other popular ways of spending time up in the mountains. Several wineries throughout the region offer tastings of their very diverse produce. And in Dawsonville you suddenly feel like you are on another continent. The Kangaroo Conservation Center exhibits Australian animals and an “Aussie Walkabout”.

The Northwest

The so-called “Historic Highcountry” region is the historic home of the Cherokee Indians. You can explore the Cherokee lands in a variety of forms. Georgia’s agricultural side is also visible in the region, for instance at Mercier’s Apple Orchard in Blue Ridge. The bloody civil war battle at Chickamauga is commemorated at Chickamauga Chattanooga National Park. Historically interested people can follow the traces of the American Civil War on the Blue and Grey Trail or the Civil War Heritage Trail. The Southern Highroads Trail takes you through the stunning panorama of Georgia’s northern mountains. The northern part of Georgia is a region to discover the state’s roots and its natural beauty.

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