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Nebraska – The Cornhusker State

Vacation opportunities like vacation homes in Nebraska are rich and varied. Historically known as one of the foremost agricultural states in the US, Nebraska has not only extensive farmlands but also a vast array of waterways, thriving cities like Omaha, and an ideal setting for outdoor recreation.

General Information

The state’s name is derived from the Native American Chiwere language and translates as “flat water.” The state is located in the heart of what is often referred to as the Frontier Strip, comprising the central American states from North Dakota to Texas in the very south.

Nebraska is a generally flat state. Only about 4,500 feet lie between the lowest point (the Missouri River) and the highest point (Panorama Point) within the state boundaries. The geography can be classified into two general regions: The Dissected Hill Plains and the Great Plains. The latter cover the major part of the state territory. They can be broken down into smaller regions, like the High Plains, Pine Ridge, the Rainwater Basin, and the Wildcat Hills. The Dissected Hill Plains include the cities of Lincoln and Omaha.

Nebraska has not only famously two different time zones but also two major climates. The east gets a hot summer continental climate, the western third a semiarid steppe climate. The western panhandle gets significantly less precipitation than the rest of the state. The entire state has significant seasonal variations in temperatures.

The Nebraska Territory was created in 1854 by the Kansas-Nebraska Act. 13 years later, Nebraska became a fully-fledged state. Lancaster was made state capital, soon renamed after the recently assassinated President Lincoln.


Omaha is with more than 400,000 residents Nebraska’s largest city. Population numbers are on the rise and the city is being discovered by more and more young visitors recently. They cherish the great nightlife options and the comparatively low prices. Omaha is located in the very east of the state, by the Missouri River. In the 1800s Omaha earned its nickname “Gateway City of the West” since it was a major transportation hub for the westward movement.

Omaha is noted for its rich cultural institutions, including the Joslyn Art Museum, the Durham Western Heritage Museum, and various performing arts facilities like the Holland Performing Arts Center. The important music stream, the “Omaha Sound,” originating in North Omaha, is famed nationwide. The local jazz community is very active.

Omaha has something to offer to everyone, culture or nature lover, family or single traveler, the ones looking for cozy accommodation and those eager to reside in a lodging with all luxuries. Omaha has it all: The largest indoor rainforest worldwide, a fascinating arboretum and bird sanctuary, romantic gondola rides, great golf courses, and a bustling pub and club scene including places like Sokol Hall and The Waiting Room.


Lincoln is Nebraska’s capital and the state’s second largest city with a population of roughly a quarter million people. The state capitol, built in the 1920s, is a widely visible landmark with its characteristic golden dome and the ensuing 20-feet-tall statue of a farmer sowing grain. No other building may be built higher than the capitol.

Lincoln is a prime destination for family vacations. The Children’s Museum, the Children’s Zoo, and Ager Play Center are among the fascinating sites for the little ones. Lincoln is also easily accessible within a day’s drive from metropolitan areas such as Chicago, St. Louis, Minneapolis or Denver.

Lincoln’s Historic Haymarket district holds great dining, unique shopping, and a fun nightlife in store. During day, the legacy of the 1800s, the pioneering time of Nebraska is graspable in historic Lincoln.

Other interesting attractions include the National Museum of Roller Skating, the Great Plains Art Museum, and Lincoln Statue. Various great wineries offer tastings in and around Lincoln. All in all, the city has more than 6,000 acres of public parks where outdoor recreation in all facets is great. Lakes, swimming pools, running trails, and picnic areas abound in Lincoln and make for great relaxation after strenuous sightseeing.

Other Places / Regions

The central and western parts of Nebraska allow visitors to experience life Old Western style. Small-town, romantic relaxation in places like Fremont or tours along the famed Lewis and Clark Trail, for instance from St. James to Niobrara, give an insight into how Nebraska once was and still partly remains. Fine vineyards and wineries that offer tastings and sales are located along the Platte River. The Kearney area is a prime target. Pawnee and other counties offer bison farm and back roads tours.

The Sandhills region in north-central Nebraska is made up of mixed-grass prairie ground. Once active sand dunes, the Sandhills have been used primarily for cattle farming since the mid-19th century. Two major golf courses are located in the region that impresses visitors with its natural beauty: The Ainsworth Municipal Golf Course has challenging fairways and fast greens. Golfers at the Deer Park Course can enjoy the rolling grass hills and the nearby calm of the Niobrara River.

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