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Maryland - The Old Line State

Maryland is often called „America in Miniature“. This is due to its diverse topography. But also historically, Maryland presents a cut through the nation. Its role as a border state during the Civil War distinguished Maryland in both the northern and southern states. Today, Maryland is the wealthiest state in the entire US, and offers a lot to visitors, from sandy beaches on the coasts to great cities and woody mountainous regions in the western parts.

Located around the Chesapeake Bay, Maryland is separated by this bay into an eastern and western part. Also, Washington DC, built on Maryland territory, is an enclave in the center of the state. The eastern region is known as the Eastern Shore.

The climate in Maryland is as diverse as the state’s topography. The further west one gets in Maryland, the higher does the elevation reach. On the eastern, coastal regions the climate is rather subtropical, while towards the Piedmont and Allegany regions the temperatures get somewhat cooler and the climate becomes a humid continental one.

Though home to no natural lakes (the glaciers did not reach as far as Maryland during the last ice age), Maryland offers some stunning natural scenarios and a rich wildlife. The mountainous west is home to a great many deer and many other animals. Baltimore, and the Chesapeake Bay in general, is the crab reservoir of the nation. The finest crab cakes and other dishes can be found in the region.

Maryland was founded as a catholic refugee colony in 1632. In 1788, the state entered the Union as the 7th state. Maryland is one of the smallest, but one of the most densely populated states.


Named after the colony’s founder Cecilius Calvert, the 2nd Lord of Baltimore, the largest city in Maryland is home to a large array of distinct neighborhoods. Fells Point is located around the harbor, Mount Vernon Place is the most fashionable area, and many other areas like Federal Hill have their own characteristics.

Baltimore’s character is largely determined by the Chesapeake Bay and the maritime heritage of the place. Inner Harbor is a must-see area for great sightseeing and strolling-about. The National Aquarium allows a glimpse of the rich life that goes on underneath the water surface.

Baltimore also houses one of the traditional old ballparks in the nation, Oriole Park at Camden Yards. It is famous for the brick-façade warehouse running behind the outfield. A significant number of tourists pouring into Baltimore fall under the baseball tourism roaster.


Maryland’s capital is a place steeped in a rich history. At the same time, it is situated in a natural surrounding that offers great activities. The Baltimore & Annapolis Trail, for instance, passes forests, rolling foothills and dreamy villages. The Civil War Trails lead visitors along the bloodiest sites of American history. Annapolis is also the sailing capital of Maryland. Water sports abound here. But the city itself is a sight to see. Traditional Georgian and Victorian architecture make for great photo opportunities.

Annapolis greets its visitors with a great historic heritage, culinary pleasures, especially seafood, and many cultural delights.

Western Maryland

Nature at its best is presented in the western part of the state. Towards the Appalachian Mountains Maryland shows off its most picturesque sides. This is the highest region in the state with Backbone Mountain at 3,360 feet the highest elevation. All across the region, protected state parks, whitewater opportunities, and a rugged rural lifestyle are still omnipresent. But also the culinary pleasures abound here: Be it maple syrup, peaches, apples or the region’s honey, western Maryland offers the best of all those.

Eastern Shore

On the opposite side of the state, there is naturally a different scenario. Fine sandy beaches on the coast and flat fruitful farmland more inland characterize the scene. Ocean City is a year-round resort, perhaps the most famous on Maryland grounds. Ten miles of sandy beaches and the famous boardwalk make it one of the most popular summer attractions of the region.

Cecil County, on the southernmost tip of the eastern shore, is well-known for its historic buildings, scenic lighthouses and cozy Bed & Breakfasts. Whether you want to go hunting, fishing, or engage in any kind of other water sports activity, this is the place to go. Places like Fair Hill or North East are beautiful little spots.

Southern Maryland

Spanning three counties, the southern Maryland region is a place to discover history and the rural way of life. Offering many historic sites as well as natural sites, visitors to the region are sure to have a relaxing time. In Calvert Cliffs historic sharks’ teeth and other fossils are displayed for visitors to see. The Calvert Museum in Solomons is also worth a visit. In Charles County, in places like LaPlata or Port Tobacco, the life of Native Americans can be traced. Smallwood State Park and Smallwood’s Retreat are more things on your to-do list here.

St. Mary’s county, situated on a peninsula in the Chesapeake Bay, houses St. Mary’s City, Maryland’s colonial capital. Visitors can discover life in colonial times by visiting one of the living history places like the Godiah Spray Tobacco Plantation or Sotterley Plantation. St. Mary’s offers many excellent restaurants and accommodation as well.

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