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USA – Land of Dreams and Million Faces

“There is a New America every morning when we wake up.” This quote from US diplomat Adlai E. Stevenson Jr. illustrates the constantly changing myriad of facets this country has to offer. This goes for its population, which is constantly renewed by the steady flow of immigration, but also for the country itself, the landscapes, the cityscapes, the streams and forests within the borders of this great land. Someone who goes on a road trip from the East Coast to the West Coast every summer will see a different country every time. Probably the greatest gift the United States offers each curious visitor, traveler, and explorer, is that it really has something to offer for any taste or any expectation – if you do not find what you are looking for, you simply do not open your eyes enough. Here are some key regions and major attractions for USA tourists.

East Coast

Going down the East Coast from the very northern state of Maine all the way down to Florida is an ambitious project on its own – of course one still barely scratches the surface of what the USA as a whole have to offer. Beautiful New England stuns her visitors with picturesque Indian Summers, when the vast woodlands are colored in diverse shades of red, yellow, and brown. Maine, in the very north, with its extensive forests and hilltops, from where you can see the ocean, is a paradise for nature’s lovers, hikers, and bikers. The local lobster ranks among the nation’s finest.

In the Boston area, visitors can trace America’s past, whether in Lexington, Concord, Salem or Plymouth. Further south, the state of New York, with its enliven metropolis New York City is arguably the most bustling place in the western hemisphere. No other American cities has so many great museums, galleries, skyscrapers, and ethnic diversity. Along the Jersey shore, one finds some of the finest Atlantic beaches.

Further south, the Carolinas are becoming a more and more popular destination every year. North Carolina is geographically one of the most diverse states, with an altitude difference of almost 7,000 feet between the Atlantic coastal area and the Appalachian mountains in the western part. Hikers wander along the famous Appalachian Trail or through the picturesque Piedmont area. In South Carolina, one of the original 13 states, a rich variety of entertainment, sports, and attractions are increasingly becoming popular, adding to the rich natural beauty, beautiful lakes, sandy beaches and historic settlements. Everywhere in South Carolina, the state's diverse ethnic and cultural roots are visible, European, Caribbean, and African alike.

In southern Florida, on the peninsula separating the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico, the climate is subtropical, which guarantees for year-round warm weather and makes the state a very popular destination for Christmas vacation, especially the Florida Keys.


Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana or Missouri are all full of the charm of the “old” America, from the times when agricultural production was still dominant. The Great Lakes region provides a perfect summer setting with sandy beaches, a warm climate, a lot of sun, and friendly hosts. The heart of the region is the state of Michigan, the most popular tourist destination. The eastern Lake Michigan shore is frequented by a lot of Chicago travellers who enjoy the great beaches, wineries and culinary delights. But also on the Upper Peninsula, Michigan's northern part, scenic waterfalls, great natural parks, picturesque waterways, and the beautiful Lake Superior shore with its old lighthouses.

St. Louis, the historical gateway between America’s east and west, symbolized by the giant Gateway Arch over the Mississippi. Missouri is a culturally and historically divided state, with southern and northern influences alike.

The West

Few words have to be said about California, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the nation. Sunny weather all year long, great beaches like Misson Beach in the San Diego Area with huge waves, a stunning hinterland, wine country, as well as two of the most important cities in the USA, San Francisco and Los Angeles, make the state a natural attraction. But also the state of Washington, in the far north, with great ski resorts and famous places such as Mount Rainier, the Cascade Mountains, or the Lewis & Clark trail, all embedded in Mother Nature at her finest, attracts more and more visitors.

Further inland, the deserts of Nevada are one of nature’s prettiest sights. Las Vegas, in the middle of the desert, is an oasis of money, gambling, and entertainment. Colorado, with the Rocky Mountains, is great for skiing in the winter and hiking in the summer.

Arizona, hosting a large part of the Grand Canyon National Park, but also extensive woodlands in the north. Aside the Grand Canyon, Route 66, crossing the state from east to west, is one of the major attractions here. Hundreds of thousands of motorized Americans and visitors drive along America's oldest and longest highway. Especially in Arizona, the landscape surrounding the Route is magnificent, e.g. at Canyon Padre.

Texas, the Lone Star State, has a great many large and interesting city centers to explore: San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, Fort Worth or Galveston are really all worth a visit. Corpus Christi is one of Texas' most popular seashore destinations. The gulf coast is full of great places to visit, like South Padre Island, situated across mainland Laguna Madre. There is virtually no water sports activity you cannot undertake on South Padre.

Hawaii, the only state not belonging to the American mainland, will always be associated with fine powdered beaches, tropical woods, and a fascinating cultural history. The volcano islands invite for an exploration not only of the beaches but also of the high-peaked hinterland (with some volcanoes still being active), where you also find paradise-like waterfalls, winding trails through the forests and up steep slopes and rugged cliffs. The climate is the warmest and most stable of all states.

America – a fascinating country with millions of faces that are waiting to be discovered!

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